Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Cooking breakfast, silent and half-awake, coffee maker dripping away in the background, I feel grateful to have the pleasure of eating (more or less) the same thing, at the same time, day after day.

The only thing I miss from my old work-issued computer was Microsoft Paint. Originally, I had wanted to diagram the anatomy of a 608 breakfast, but now I’ll just have to use 1,000 words.  Note that breakfast should be scalable to one’s appetite; since I wake up feeling famished, I usually go for the works.

The Base: Some sort of a grain or starch. Favorites: quinoa, rice, or millet and flax spinach lavash from Sami’s Bakery (seriously, I can’t get enough of these guys). Also acceptable: corn tortilla, millet, roasted sweet potato, piece of toast.

Level 1: Vegetables. Lots of them, sauteed in the lipid of your choice. Onion, pepper, spinach/chard/kale/turnip greens, broccoli, carrots, corn, whatever you’ve got lurking in that refrigerator, throw it in.

Level 1.5 (optional): Beans. If you have some cooked up, toss ’em in with the veggies and heat them up. Or meat, if that’s your thing. D recommends the spicy sausage from Davis Creek Farm, or Babes in the Wood, or Timbercreek, or if you’re feeling outrageous(ly awesome), ground beef from Steadfast.

Level 2: EGGS!!!!! One, two, three, however you feel it. Farm fresh and f-ing fabulous, fry up those huevos in some butter and continue to build your temple of morning deliciousness.

Summit: Cheese! Avocado! Salsa! Chutney! BLAMMO! BREAKFAST!

I recommend washing down your breakfast with a milkshake made of real, delicious, milk-from-the-cow blended with honey and berries, but whatever floats your breakfast boat. I am a firm believer in the application of the concepts of appetizer (yogurt and granola) and dessert (milkshake) to the morning meal.